Johan Cruyff Labels Honorary Barcelona Presidency Saga As Ridiculous

Dutch legend not impressed with Sandro Rosell 'circus'...
Johan Cruyff has labelled as "ridiculous" the notion of returning the title of honorary president of Barcelona football club to him.

The Dutch master resigned from his honorary role at the beginning of the month after incoming president Sandro Rosell declared that there was no legal basis for him to occupy such a position at the club.

Cruyff has since reiterated his stance that he has no desire to be "a nuisance" to Rosell and declared that there is nothing for him and the new president to discuss, stating that Rosell's desire to speak to him about his resignation was nothing more than a circus.

"He cannot respond after I return the badge. It was a very sad day for me, it hurt my pride," said Cruyff, according to AS.

"Rosell called me and asked to speak on this matter. I do not know what he wants to talk about. I don't want to be a nuisance and therefore I returned the [honorary] badge. I have never seen a circus like this. Again, I will not be a problem for the club and that is why I have returned it.

"The case no longer exists. We should have talked between 15 June and 1 July. I am no longer in the game, I am out. If they returned it to me now it would be ridiculous. They could have called or written me a letter, but everything should have been done before making a final decision."

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