Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo: The Entire Team Was Very Bad Against Osasuna

The €94 million man had scathing comments for everyone on the pitch in last night's narrow win over Osasuna, including himself...
In post-match comments reported by Marca, Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo labelled his team's performance in last night's narrow win over Osasuna as "very bad".

Despite winning the match, scoring two goals including the winner, Ronaldo was very critical of his team. "In my opinion, the entire team was very bad. I speak of the forwards, midfielders and the back line. We cannot permit Osasuna to score goals and cause us so much trouble. We have to understand that we are fighting for La Liga and we need to be more focused. This cannot happen again because on another occasion we will not be able to come back. We have the hope that we can succeed.

"If you give up points at this stage in the season, you lose the title. Thank God we were able to score the third goal and win the match. We have to keep winning. Barcelona have a great team, but great teams also lose. We have to think it possible for them to give up points and we have to win. The best thing that came from last night's match was the three points."

Madrid midfielder Fernado Gago echoed Ronaldo's comments. "We have to try to win without suffering so much," said Gago. "At the end of the season every match is a final and we are playing for the title. We have to keep fighting and win three out of three. Today they failed and we were able to score the third. For what is left, we have to keep fighting."

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