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Casillas thinks it would be wise to curb the Mourinho to Real Madrid talk while the season is still in session…

Speaking in his post-training press conference today, in comments reported by AS, Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas declared that talking about the possible signing of Inter coach Jose Mourinho as Real Madrid's boss for next season is out of bounds.

"It is imprudent to think that Mourinho will coach Real Madrid next year," said 'San Iker'. "Speaking of him is out of bounds and I do not think of it. It is a simplistic argument to think of a coach for Madrid on the grounds that he has beaten Barcelona. It is always in everyone's mouth when that happens and in this case, Inter has beaten Barca."

Casillas went on to argue that nothing is a given in La Liga or Real Madrid's future.

"Many have said that Barca are the best team in the world and now it appears that they have failed in everything. I do not believe in one or the other," said Casillas, who expressed his "sadness" that Barca were not in the Champions League final, preferring a "Spanish team to be in the final".

With respect to La Liga, Casillas believes that this week's matches will be key fixtures in the title race, both for Madrid and Barca.

"Barcelona has a very difficult fixture, but it is no more difficult than our visit to Mallorca or Malaga. Tomorrow they face Villarreal and that will be difficult for them. The best would be that they surrender points, but if we do not win, it will not count for anything."

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