Player Ratings: Espanyol 0-0 Barcelona looks back at the goalless draw in the Catalan derby and judges the players on show...

Kameni: 6.5
- Amazingly he had almost nothing to deal with, but made a routine save from Maxwell and was confident when collecting crosses.

Chica: 7 - He struggled when Messi came over onto his flank but was more comfortable against Maxwell and didn't allow Henry to get into the game.

Victor Ruiz: 7.5 - Very assured performance as he kept a tight backline to prevent Barcelona from having many options inside the penalty area.

Pareja: 7.5 - Dominant in the air against the miniature Barcelona attack, while he made a crucial tackle on Messi late on to deny the Argentine a shooting opportunity.

Didac Vila: 7.5 - The promising youngster didn't allow Dani Alves much time on the ball in the final third, and the Brazilian was clearly uncomfortable with such close attention.

Baena: 7 - He was almost acting as a fifth defender as he sat deep and provided extra cover. Trod a tightrope after being booked in the second half but coped with the pressure successfully.

Forlin: 7.5 - Almost boundless energy reserves - constantly pressed and harried the Barcelona players, allowing Espanyol to have two-on-one situations all around the pitch.

Callejon: 7 - His delivery was sometimes disappointing but worked very hard on the wing. Put in a great cross just before half time from which Osvaldo hit the post.

Verdu: 7 - Allowed a free role behind Osvaldo, floating from wing to wing as well as dropping deep. Ensured that Xavi did not have much time on the ball.

Luis Garcia: 6.5 - He was creating problems on the flanks for the Barcelona full backs but he wasn't quite as involved as Callejon on the opposite wing.

Osvaldo: 6 - He should have scored when he hit the post just before the break or when he was given a free header in the second half but his movement was good.


Ivan Alonso: 5.5 - Didn't have any great influence on the match after coming on with 15 minutes remaining.

Sahar: N/A - Only had a few minutes on the pitch.


Valdes: 6.5
- He turned Osvaldo's effort onto the post just before the break, although there was an element of fortune about the save, and had very little else to do.

Dani Alves: 4.5 - Not comfortable under the heavy pressure from Espanyol and was sent off on the hour after picking up his second yellow card.

Pique: 7.5 - He covered well for Dani Alves when the full back moved forward, and generally dealt with the threat of Osvaldo and Verdu very well.

Milito: 6 - The Argentine centre back didn't look at his best, and Osvaldo's movement was starting to get the better of him before he was replaced.

Puyol: 6.5 - Out of position on the left hand side but more at home on the right after Dani Alves was sent off, but was as combative as ever to prevent Espanyol from having many clear cut chances.

Xavi: 6 - A performance to show that he is, in fact, human. Usually he orchestrates the midfield and dominates proceedings but he was almost on the periphery of the match tonight.

Busquets: 7 - Ready for the physical battle in midfield, but he was forced to drop back into central defence after Dani Alves' dismissal.

Toure: 5.5 - He was caught in possession on a number of occasions, putting pressure on his own defence, and he was taken off before the hour for Henry.

Messi: 6 - He was forced to drift around from right to left and from high up the pitch back into midfield to find the ball, but while he was able to beat players with ease he was well marshalled when he arrived in the penalty area.

Pedro: 5.5 - His deflected cross came off the top of the crossbar in the first half, but he was otherwise largely ineffective on the right hand side.

Maxwell: 5.5 - Played in a more advanced role than he was used to and his lack of attacking instinct was evident. Moved to left back after Henry was brought on.


Henry: 5 - Had no effect on proceedings in the half hour that he spent on the pitch.

Keita: 5.5 - Provided more of an aerial threat than was on the pitch before he arrived.

Ibrahimovic: N/A - Brought on too late to affect the game.

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