Barcelona's Dani Alves: Many People Want Us To Be Eliminated From The Champions League

The Blaugrana full-back hoped to clear up some previous comments about Kaka and expressed his desire to do well in Europe...
Speaking in a press conference today in a benefit for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, Barcelona's Dani Alves first began by putting to rest the controversial comments that were reported by the Spanish media in which the Brazilian declared that Kaka signed for the wrong team when he joined Real Madrid.

"They [the media] manipulated a few things I said to create controversy. What I said was that Barcelona's style of play suits him more, but what I said does not sell papers, only controversy sells papers.

"If anyone is offended, I beg your pardon, but I do not think I should have to because I didn't say anything wrong. I would never think that he [Kaka] had made a mistake because I am not one to reproach someone else," said Alves in comments reported by Marca.

Alves acknowledged having spoken with Kaka and said that the Madrid midfielder is well.

"He is strong, he is doing very well and he knows he is going to keep moving forward because he is confident in himself."

The right-back also commented on Barcelona's Champions League fixture against Stuttgart on Wednesday, citing his belief that many want the Blaugrana to fall.

"Many people are hoping that we are eliminated, but we hope to progress. We have a great opportunity to do important things."

Prompted to forecast the match, Alves refused to follow Sergio Ramos' footsteps and give the opposition motivation with a 3-0 prediction.

"What we want to do is progress to the next round," he concluded.

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