Deportivo La Coruna Boss Miguel Angel Lotina Reflects On Real Madrid Loss

The Galicians lost their long standing record...
Deportivo La Coruna lost their long standing unbeaten home record to Real Madrid on Saturday night, and Miguel Angel Lotina admitted that the better team had won.

Speaking to Marca, Lotina said, "Madrid played well and there's not much we can say."

"We must congratulate them because they played well. We put in a great effort but we did not threaten in the first half.

"We caused some more problems in the second, but their victory is well deserved. They moved the ball well and had a lot of patience.

"They relaxed a little towards the end and we had our chances, but we did not take advantage."

Lotina then analyzed the first two goals his side conceded, continuing, "The first goal came from a mistake, when Laure headed even though Lopo had it covered."

"For the second, we should have stopped Benzema earlier.

"There are things to correct, but we must recognize that they played better."