Barcelona Vice-President Alfons Godall Ready To Succeed Joan Laporta

The man behind Laporta ready to step to the forefront…
Barcelona vice-president Alfons Godall has officially announced his candidacy to be the next club's next patron.

Godall is seemingly running on a campaign based of ‘more,’ confirming he aims to achieve more of the same and hopes to bring a little extra to the club.

He told Spanish daily Sport, ”We want more boats, more success, more economic growth. We want more partners, more fans, more emotions, more sections, more members, more solidarity, a more global Barca. For all that I present my candidacy."

The vice-president went on to recollect when the club experienced "the best period in history.”

“We were able to win eleven titles in six years and were a model of sports management. We are the heirs of the school of Johan [Cruyff]. And we believe in what we do."

Having already publicly received the support of current president Joan Laporta, Godall has already been made the favourite to succeed his boss this summer.

“Alfons Godall can do better than I did,” said Laporta. “This is the candidate can best serve the interests of FC Barcelona.”