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The Sevilla defender has admitted that, despite the setback, he is in a miraculously favourable position...

Sergio Sanchez, Sevilla's star central defender who has been forced to leave football after being diagnosed with a heart condition, has confessed that he feels destroyed from a footballing perspective, but that he intends to take the positives from the diagnosis and remain strong with the help of family and friends.

The 23-year-old Catalan footballer, who is currently residing in his hometown of Mataro in Barcelona, has admitted that he is incredibly grateful for the diagnosis having been made so early. This despite the fact he has had to leave football indefinitely whilst he undergoes a series of tests to determine whether he will be able to return.

"Antonio Puerta's and Dani Jarque's families would give everything to be in my situation," said Sanchez, visibly distressed at recalling the deaths of the Sevilla and Espanyol players. "My family makes this much easier to bear and, fortunately, I have many people around me who help me to think postively."

Sanchez will undergo a new round of tests in the next few days to determine the extent of the condition and a prognosis will be made with respect to the chances of the player returning to football at some stage in the future.

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