Barcelona Vice-President Jaume Ferrer Declares Presidential Candidacy

The Barca vice-president has officialy declared his candidacy as for the club presidency in the upcoming elections...
Barcelona vice-president Jaume Ferrer has announced on Wednesday via Catalunya Radio that he will present his candidacy for the position of club president in Barca's upcoming elections which will be held in the spring of 2010.

With Joan Laporta forced to step down as club president according to statute on the June 30, there remains speculation as to whether Barca's other high ranking officials may declare their candidacies as well.

One such candidate in question is Alfons Godall, a figure very close to Laporta in the current administration, who has often defended the need for the current Barca leadership to remain unified in the upcoming elections.

Should Godall declare his candidacy in addition to Ferrer, it could potentially divide current management and pit two members of Barca's leadership against one another.

Cyrus C. Malek,