Barcelona's President Joan Laporta Does Not Discount Elections Before Season's End

Barcelona president Joan Laporta could hold elections prior to the end of the season...
While elections for Barcelona's club president are not scheduled to be held until the end of the campaign, current club president, Joan Laporta, has not discounted holding elections before the end of the season.

Speaking on RAC-1, the Barca chief highlighted the "importance of knowing the club's leader before the end of the season" and indicated that the determination would be made with respect to the coming elections in the near future.

Laporta spoke of his own tenure as president and praised his administration's philosophy. "We have a model that works and it would not be wise to break the winning dynamic. Those who have defended this model are members of the board and they have been there in both the good and bad times to make the necessary decisions for this club to be where it is. It would be a risk to change the model of success."

As dictated by club statutes, Laporta will leave Barcelona on June 30 and spoke of his summer exit. "I have presided over the best period in Barca's history," said the supremo. However, he declared that he does not consider himself to have been Barca's best leader – an honour he was quick to attribute to Joan Gamper.

Laporta closed in commenting on the club's financial state: "The club, both economically and financially, is very solid and we can take on all challenges. I will leave the club much better than when I arrived."

Cyrus C. Malek,