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The dynamic defender has pledged that he will take better care of his body from now on, and he has lamented a lack of squad rotation last season.

Sergio Ramos has revealed that he had to have pain-killing injections to keep playing for Real Madrid when the team needed him, but he will not be repeating that.

The Spain international is back after a summer of recuperation from injury, and he has vowed to look after himself and not push himself so hard that he has to play when hurt.

Lack of rotation within the squad and a huge number of matches took its toll on the defender, but he is now back and feeling refreshed, ready to play at his best.

"I played a lot of matches, including the European Championships, and the body can only take so much," he told AS.

"I was sidelined for two and a half months after the Confederations Cup, so I started off with a clean slate and with batteries recharged.

"Two years ago I received injections during two matches but then stopped because I broke my nose. I received even more last year because there weren’t enough players in the team.

"It helps on the day of the match, but then you feel the side effects. There was no rotation and we played every match. I will take better care of myself and do things the right way.

"I feel a lot better now. I was bothered by a nagging injury and, because I didn't have the time to slow down, it never got better. I am now starting from scratch."

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