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The Brazilian defender hailed the talents of both summer signings and stated that Madrid are not concerned with Barcelona at the moment...

Real Madrid left-back Marcelo has insisted that his team are not concerned with Barcelona, nor any other side in the league, but are focused on their own hard work to pick up three points every game.

"I'm more interested in Real Madrid. I can't say if Barcelona have more quality players, if they are better or if they are going to win more games," Marcelo announced to Sport.

"In order to win, we must work hard and that's what we're doing. We aren't interested in anyone else."

The 21-year-old moved onto the subject of his own side, but refused to be drawn into an answer when he was asked whether Kaka was a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo, as Brazilian legend Pele recently stated.

"It's very difficult to say who is better. It's like asking who is better, Pele or [Diego] Maradona? They are different. The two of them are incredible.

"You can't say that Kaka is better than Cristiano, nor that Cristiano is better than Kaka. Both are very good and have different talents."

Finally, Marcelo looked ahead to los Merengues' weekend clash with promoted Xerez at the Santiago Bernabeu. While on paper it is a straightforward match for the star-studded side, the young Brazilian is wary of over-confidence.

"For me, the Spanish league is the best in the world and there are no bad sides. We must not go into the game thinking that we will get five or six. If they were in the Segunda Division and they are now in the Primera Division, it means they have some talent."

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