Real Madrid Striker Karim Benzema: I Want To Be The Best In The World

Real Madrid wanted to sign the best in the world and their new striker hopes he can become just that...
Karim Benzema has set himself a lofty target as he aims to become the best player in the world after joining Real Madrid this summer and realising he must raise his game.

The Frenchman does not only want trophies for the team, but he also wants to be seen as the number one on an individual basis and is aiming towards that.

With a price tag of €67 million on his head, Benzema believes that he must now show that he was worth that amount by proving himself to be outstanding at Madrid.

"When you are not the best in the world you want to continue to progress," he told reporters in Spain on Wednesday.

"We all have ambitions and mine is to become the best in the world."

Having been a big star at Lyon, Benzema is now one of many at Madrid and he is learning that just scoring and winning is not enough at the Santiago Bernabeu.

"To score and to assist is not enough because you have to be exciting," he explained.

"Truthfully this has changed my life. The passion here is incredible. It is madness."

Lucas Brown,