Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Serie A Is Too Defensive And Barcelona Have More Depth Than Inter

'Ibracadabra' says there is more magic in the Primera Division...
Barcelona's top summer signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic has called Italian football too defensive, suggesting there is little joy to be had when playing in such a system.

The former Ajax player joined the Blaugrana from Serie A champions Inter this summer in a deal worth over €40 million, plus striker Samuel Eto'o.

"In Italy, all the squads are strong in defence and defend much more than attack," he insisted in an interview with tuttocampo.

"Here, it is not as stressful as when I played with Inter. The pace and atmosphere is more relaxed and I can concentrate on football."

Meanwhile, the Swede commented on the spending of Spanish sides this summer and also took a swipe at his former team's depth in the process.

"La Liga took the two best players from Serie A and the Premier League, this league is very special," he said.

"Playing against Barcelona, the opponents must pay attention to many more players [that are threats] - not like against Inter."

Adam Scime, Goal.com