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Barcelona's performances this season have drawn envious eyes from one corner of north London...

Cesc Fabregas has revealed that he would jump at the chance to join a Barcelona team whom he has hailed as the best in history after their treble-winning season.

The Arsenal midfielder is enamoured with the way his former side have been playing and thinks that every player would want to play for them if they had the chance.

Asked by ONA FM if he would like to move back to the club, Fabregas could not hide his admiration for the Blaugrana.

"Which player would not like to play for a team like that at the moment?" he asked rhetorically.

"They are probably the best team that I have seen play in history and I have a lot of friends there who are always telling me great things.

"Of course, you feel envy in a healthy way because of the way they play football. Everyone's dream is to play in a team like that."

Thierry Henry added the Champions League to his incredible list of trophy wins and Fabregas was one of the first on the phone to congratulate the Frenchman.

"I spoke to him yesterday and that was the only [trophy] that he was missing. He was delighted," Fabregas continued.

"He had a difficult year adapting and this year he came into his own. Guardiola showed faith in him.

"Now Henry has everything and I do not know if there are many players that can equal his honours list."

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