Lionel Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo Are Equal - Messi's Father

The only thing separating Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is the amount of silverware that they have both won, according to Messi Senior...
Lionel Messi's father thinks that there is nothing separating his son and World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo apart from the number of trophies that both players have won.

While the young Argentinian only has a modest amount of silverware, the Portuguese international has helped the Red Devils to English, European and world success.

The media might be pitting the two players against each other, but Jorge Messi has revealed that his son is a big fan of Ronaldo and does not see him as a rival.

“I think Leo is at the same level as Cristiano right now,” he told the Daily Mirror.

“He thinks Cristiano is an excellent player with a lot of qualities. He is strong, he scores high-quality goals. Now he is the best player in the world  - no-one can doubt that because he has the awards.

"And I hope that changes this year. There is no limit to the player Leo can become. He always surprises us with something new."

Messi is nowhere near his best despite having produced some incredible performance, Jorge believes, because he continues to confound his fans by producing new moves and tricks.

"We always think: We have never seen this before - and then he does something new. He has still not arrived at his full potential," he continued.

“He has always been relaxed before big games,” said Jorge. “He behaves the same whether he is facing Real Madrid, Manchester United or Osasuna, with all due respect to Osasuna. He simply does not feel pressure. Even I am surprised sometimes by his behaviour.

“I feel it much more than him. Sometimes I don’t even want to watch his games. I have to try and control my nerves.

“But this final is a dream for every football player. Winning the World Cup for your country is the only thing that is better. He plays for one of the best clubs in the world and in Paris three years ago he missed the final so now he has a second chance. I hope it will be his time.”

Lucas Brown,