Manchester United Manager Ferguson Will Have A Surprise For Barcelona - Jordi Cruyff

If Barcelona think that they have Manchester United and their manager figured out, then they may have to think again, according to Jordi Cruyff...
Sir Alex Ferguson is likely to make a surprise decision ahead of the Champions League final in a bid to throw Barcelona off course and give his side an edge, according to Jordi Cruyff.

The son of Dutch legend Johan Cruyff thinks that just when the Blaugrana believe that they have sorted out how to approach the game, something will change from the opposition side.

Jordi spent four years at Old Trafford after starting his career under his father at Camp Nou and knows both clubs well enough to make an educated prediction. While not stating a scoreline, the former Alaves star believes that Ferguson has something up his sleeve.

"Like the old fox that he is, he will have a surprise prepared to beat Barca," Cruyff told RAC1.

"In my time at Old Trafford he used to make incredible decisions and if he used an unexpected player he would usually get it right.

"He is unpredictable, but his gambles almost always work out."

Lucas Brown,