Winning Is All Important - Samuel Eto'o

While many are expecting an entertaining spectacle, the Barcelona striker is only thinking about winning...
Samuel Eto'o believes that the Champions League final will only be considered to be beautiful by Barcelona is if they beat Manchester United and win the trophy.

The Cameroonian striker is relishing the prospect of playing in his second European final in three years, but thinks that style must come second to the result.

Predictions are being made that the game will be a spectacle although Eto'o is not concerned about how Barcelona go about securing their third European Cup, just as long as they do so.

"Hopefully it will be a beautiful final and for it to be beautiful we have to win – that's all that counts," Eto'o is quoted by The Guardian as saying.

"The thing I remember about the [2006] final in Paris is the fact that we won. That is what matters in a final and that is what matters this time.

"Although we have won a lot of things, this is the most important game of the season. Victory would complete a year that people will remember for a long time."

Last summer Eto'o appeared to be on his way out of Barcelona after Pep Guardiola stated he was not wanted, but a turnaround in attitude and form saw the goalscorer stay.

"At the start of the season it was very difficult for me. I was more out than in. A lot was said that I thought was unfair, but I understand that," he continued.

"Barcelona need results immediately and it was normal for them to want me out: I had suffered two knee injuries, Pep was a new coach that didn't know me, we had not won anything for two years.

"But Pep and I spoke, we spent a lot of time together and we took the right decision, which was for me to stay," Eto'o said.

"I have to thank everyone: the coach, the club, and above all my team-mates who always defended me. I consider myself Pep's friend now. I feel lucky to have played under him.

"There has been lots of dialogue and we haven't always agreed but that's good: he has taken some of my ideas on board and I have taken some of his on board. Most of the time, even when I didn't agree with him it turned out he was right.

"That is the best thing you can ask for – there is no doubting that he has done a great job. Now we have to finish the job off."

Lucas Brown,