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The midfielder has spoken about the clash with Chelsea as well as the upcoming battle with Real Madrid, and his own future...

Andres Iniesta has assured the media that Barcelona will go all out against Chelsea this evening and will be patient as they try to break them down.

The Catalans meet the English side in the semi-finals of the Champions League with both teams knowing the importance of the first-leg at the Camp Nou.

Iniesta told El Mundo Deportivo that for his side, the key is not to  concede an away goal and to go for the win.

"We will give everything to be in the final. We are two games away from something good, and with the fans we will be a lot stronger," he mused.

"We will go all out, as we did against Lyon and Bayern [Munich], trying to score goals and, above all, not conceding, that is very important. We will not be going to speculate and we will be patient.

"It is clear that they have great players and are one of the best teams in the world but, if we are well, then we will have a chance to win."

Certainly Iniesta could be key for Barcelona as they look to break down a Chelsea side growing in confidence under Guus Hiddink.

The midfielder says that he does not feel like a leader in the team but that he does feel more important as time goes by.

"I do not believe in leaders, but in eleven leaders and the team being a leader. Each person has to be the best in their position and should feel like they are leading, because when you feel better than your opponents, you are difficult to beat," he explained.

"My team-mates respect me the same as I do them but clearly, each year that goes by I feel more important, that is life. Every time you have more experience."

Indeed, Iniesta has been at the heart of the Barcelona success this season and has led them to important victories.

He was asked about his future in the interview but said at the moment he is not thinking about anything other than playing.

"I am well, in good form and I am not thinking about anything else...At any rate, I have a long contract here and there have never been problems with extensions," he said.

Along with Iniesta, Lionel Messi is one of the most important players for Barcelona and the Spaniard was asked about their relationship on the pitch.

"It is easy because you have the best in the world at your side. You know that if you pass him the ball he can do what he wants and if you are in a good position he will give it to you. We speak a lot about how to surprise the opponents and I have a good relationship with him," declared the midfielder.

Following their Champions League clash this evening,  Iniesta and Messi will take on Real Madrid this weekend, and the former admits the treble is on everyone's mind, but that they are thinking about Madrid for now.

"We will be motivated as usual. We will be going there only to win because we know that if we do we will have practically won the league," he assured.

"Everyone has it [the treble] on their mind. A few months ago not so much but now it is inevitable to think about it as it is closer. It is very difficult but each week it becomes nearer and we keep on going."

Finally, Iniesta was asked if he would like to win the title at the Camp Nou and also if they would celebrate before the European season is over.

"What is important is to win the title, it doesn't matter where but if it was at home it would be better," he revealed.

"We will see what happens but, if all goes well, then we will wait until the Champions League is over and celebrate."

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