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Barcelona will have no thoughts about defending in numbers or trying to stifle the game against Chelsea because their coach would not allow the club's principles to change...

Pep Guardiola believes that Barcelona cannot change their style of play against Chelsea as the team have an obligation to uphold the attacking traditions that were implemented by Johan Cruyff.

The current Blaugrana boss was a member of the Dutchman's ‘Dream Team’ in the early 1990s and has implemented many of the tactics and ideas he learned during that era.

Against Chelsea on Tuesday evening in Camp Nou, Guardiola believes that the Catalan outfit have a chance to show everyone just how entertaining they can be.

"All we are trying to do is dignify the teachings of Cruyff with the way we play. Against Chelsea we have the chance to show the world that we have kept to that philosophy," he told reporters in the pre-match press conference.

"Barcelona have an obligation to play football that is attractive and we have to try to play the way we always play, which is to attack.

"I am a simple person: I am happy when the ball is in the opponent's half and unhappy when it is in our half. The way we know is to go forward and that is what we will do.

"This is a big chance for us to show the world our style and we will be trying to seduce with our way of playing.

"Our principles are not for renouncing and we will never give them up as long as I am coach."

Chelsea will offer a sterner test then Bayern Munich did in the last round, however, Guardiola explained that he is enjoying himself too much to think about losing.

"There are always things to mull over if you are playing a team like Chelsea but I am a very optimistic person," he continued.

"I am just as happy as a boy living his dream. I don't know if this moment will ever be repeated so I am just going to enjoy it. I am confident we will respond well."

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