Barcelona Legend Xavi Says Chelsea Are Not Great To Watch

The Blues may be good at winning games, but they don't make good viewing, according to the Catalan midfielder...
Xavi Hernandez believes that Chelsea employ an effective style of play ahead of trying to be attractive and thinks that Barcelona have a great chance of beating them in the Champions League.

The playmaker thinks that while the Blues are able to record some impressive results, they do not play in the same crowd-pleasing way that the Blaugrana do.

Barca meet Chelsea in the first leg of the semi-final of the Champions League on Tuesday and Xavi believes that the hosts in Camp Nou will not be considering changing their tactics.

“They play a very effective game, but perhaps you could it is not the most beautiful to watch,” the Daily Mirror quote him as saying.

“We know what Chelsea are about. They are about playing physical and tough football – we like to play football a little bit more beautiful than that.

“If we play football our way and at our pace, we know we will be very difficult to beat.

“It is not the Barcelona way to change our game just because some teams play tough football.

“We can out-pass you and we can out-think you – that is our brand of football.”

Lucas Brown,