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Any club considering making an enquiry about Lionel Messi will be wasting their time, the Argentinian has stated...

Lionel Messi has reiterated his desire to stay at Barcelona and explained that he enjoys playing for the club so much that he has not thought of leaving.

The Argentinian has stated before that he can envisage himself staying at Camp Nou for the rest of his career and stated that he is tired of being asked about links so other clubs.

Barca were able attract the diminutive youngster from Argentina when paying for the medicine he needed to overcome a condition that stopped him growing.

"To be honest, every time I get asked this question I find it very boring," he told the News of the World.

"I have said many times I intend to stay with Barcelona until I retire. I know a lot of players say this, but I really mean it. You have seen how well we have been doing and you have seen the way we play football - why would I want to leave?

"There are a lot of smiling faces in our dressing-room. There is no reason for me to ever want to leave.

"I am loyal as well. I am aware that I owe Barcelona a lot. They gave me a chance and now I want to reward them with even more success."

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