Pepe Should Have His Contract Torn Up - Getafe President Angel Torres

The president slammed both Pepe and Marcelo in a sensational interview this morning...
Getafe president, Angel Torres, has declared that Pepe's actions against his team on Tuesday evening were "unforgivable" and that he should have his contract at Real Madrid torn up.

The comments come on the day that the defender is set to find out how long he will be banned for, after his violent episode at the Bernabeu.

Torres felt that the actions of the Portuguese international were not acceptable and said he believes that Madrid should be the ones who punish him, along with the sanctioning body.

"The attitude of Pepe is unforgivable. We can all understand what happened in the heat of the game [the kick on Javier Casquero], but he punched [Juan] Albin, left the field and celebrated the goal of [Gonzalo] Higuain's and hurled abuse at us," he told 8Madrid Television.

"What the Committee rule is on one side, but Madrid should be the first ones to punish this attitude. What Marcelo did was worthy of a sanction, and Pepe, should have his contract torn up."

The president went on to complain about the behaviour of Marcelo, who got in a fight with Cata Diaz and was shown grabbing his nether regions to provoke him.

"I do not understand the behaviour of the youngster, touching himself and provoking at the end of the match. Real Madrid do not have any type of nobility. A club such as that should be the first to take action against these players who have damaged the image of the club. They were more worried about asking excuses from the referee than seeing to Casquero, but that I can understand from an institution such as that," he slammed.

"With attitudes like the ones that we saw, we will generate violence amongst our children in their own games. They will say that we are racist, when really we are being villified for what a couple of idiots did."

James Walker-Roberts,