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Barcelona's success under Pep Guardiola may have surprised many, but his former team-mate always felt that the playmaker would make a good coach...

Patrick Kluivert is not surprised that Pep Guardiola has proved to be a great coach in his first season at Barcelona because he had the same leadership qualities as a player.

The former Blaugrana striker has been very impressed with the way that the Catalan outfit are playing and is delighted for his ex-team-mate who is now at the helm.

Afer spending three seasons alongside Guardiola in the Barça team, Kluivert recognises all the traits that the coach is now using that he had on the field.

"He was the captain when I was playing with him. You already saw that he was managing the team and always getting them talking to each other," he told

"I'm not surprised that I see Pep at the moment as a very good trainer, and successful in his first year ... at the moment the results are perfect."

Barcelona are top of la Primera, in the final of the Copa del Rey and in the semi finals of the Champions League, but Kluivert believs that it will very difficult for them to win everything.

"Every player, in each position, is just a pleasure on the eye. If you see the way they play, so relaxed, it's incredible,"he continued.

"But it will be very difficult to win this year's Champions League."

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