Tottenham Hotspur To Play Barcelona At Wembley

Tottenham Hotspur and Al-Ahly will be Barcelona's first two opponents in their pre-season programme after the Catalan club lined up the games at Wembley Stadium in London...
Barcelona will take on Tottenham Hotspur and Al-Ahly at Wembley during a prestigious pre-season trip to London as the Catalan club begin their preparations for the 2009-2010 campaign.

The Blaugrana will travel to the English capital on July 21 after a few days of training in the Catalan capital in order to build strength and stamina after the summer break.

On July 24 they will meet Harry Redknapp's Tottenham Hotspur side at Wembley - the first time that the Blaugrana have played at the new arena.

Two days later, Barca will take on Egyptian giants Al-Ahly at he same venue and will then jet off to a destination that has yet to be decided, although the United States is being considered.

After starting pre-season at St. Andrews in Scotland for the past two years, Barcelona have chosen to move slightly further south this time around in what is set to be a money-spinning few days.

“The conditions for the trip are ideal for the team’s initial training sessions but also it is good economically,” the Blaugrana’s vice president, Alfons Godall, explained.

Barca are seeking to line-up a trip to either the United States or Asia to create more income and to boost the club's popularity around the globe.

Lucas Brown,