Deco: Barcelona Do Have One Weakness

Chelsea and Barcelona have met on several occasions in the past few seasons, and one player has experienced the highs and lows...
Deco believes that Barcelona could have the same problems when they face Chelsea next week that the club faced when the teams first met under Frank Rijkaard in the 2004-05 season.

The Portuguese star will be hoping to help the Blues beat his former club in the semi-finals of the Champions League, and he believes that there is a way that it can be done.

Barcelona are seen as favourites to win the trophy by many and have won plaudits around the world for their play, but Deco thinks their lack of height could be a problem.

"It is always difficult trying to mark a Chelsea team, and even now we have in our team Ivanovic who is strong. It is difficult to stop this and Barcelona don't have many tall players. I think for us it is good they might have problems," he told Chelsea's official website.

"That year we were playing well," continues Deco, "and not just playing well, we were strong. We were in the dressing room all the players together and this was important. I see now the same spirit in Chelsea. We want to win and Barcelona was at that time the same."

Chelsea knocked Barcelona out of the competition that season and Deco remembers two difficult matches, which he thinks will be the same this time around.

"I remember it was difficult for both because at that time Barcelona had a good team, like now, and Chelsea the same.

"It was difficult in midfield for both teams because Barcelona played one style, touch the ball, keep the ball, and Chelsea were a strong team in midfield with Lampard, and behind was a fantastic defence.

"These were difficult games and now I am thinking it will be the same again. It is difficult to play against Barcelona and Barcelona know it is difficult to play against Chelsea.

"The two matches at the same last 16 knockout stage the season after that initial Chelsea win were no less testing - but this time the first leg was at the Bridge and the Spanish champions won (Chelsea suffering another red card)."

Lucas Brown,