Player Ratings: Barcelona 4-0 Sevilla

Barca moved six points clear at the top of the table again with a convincing win over Sevilla in Camp Nou. watched the game and handed each player a mark out of ten...


Valdes 6 - Did not have a save of note to make, or any that were ever going to beat him, and he will have been delighted to extend his impressive unbeaten run.

Alves 7.5 - In the first half he moved forward much more than he did in the last half-an-hour, but still produced another good display from right back.

Marquez 6.5 - Poorly placed for Kone's header in the first half, but that can be the only criticism in a solid display for the Barcelona back four.

Pique 6.5 - Slipped at a time when Capel was pressing forward, but looked comfortable and was unlucky not to score on two occasions when going forward for corners.

Abidal 7 - His return has restored the balance at the back for Barcelona and while he is not always noticed, he was very good in this encounter when tracking back

Xavi 8 - Pulled all the strings in midfield and was allowed far too much time and space from Sevilla's viewpoint as well as scoring a fine effort to cap a good evening for him.

Toure 7.5 - A solid presence in the Barcelona midfield that allows Xavi the freedom that he enjoys and once again the Ivory Coast star was influential.

Keita 7 - Lucky not to be booked for an elbow on Maresca and may feel that he could have contributed more going forward as he was rarely involved.

Iniesta 9 -  Scored a superb opener and then went on to set up the next three goals for the home side before Guardiola withdrew him to save him for Saturday.
Eto'o 8 - Should have had more than the one goal that he did score especially when rounding the 'keeper, but he will be pleased to have added another to his tally.

Henry 8.5 - After taking his time to start, the Frenchman made up for it by playing a very influential role for an hour and will claim he was shooting for his goal.


Hleb 6 - It would be harsh to criticise the Belorussian for being off the pace when he has not played for so long, but he will have to learn to stay calm.

Bojan 6 - Had one shot after cutting in from the flank, but by the time he went on the game was over as a contest and Barcelona had relaxed.

Sylvinho 6 - Also did well in the few minutes that he had as he charged down the flank to put over a cross that could have helped add to Barca's tally.


Varas 5 - Did make some saves to keep the deficit respectable, but his positioning has to be looked at while he could have done better with Eto'o's goal.

Mosquera 5.5 - Struggled throughout to contain Henry down the flank and will have been thankful that the Frenchman was quiet for the first half-an-hour.

Squillaci 5 - Did what he could to stem the tide and with the full-backs stretched and the home team coming at Sevilla so often.

Escude 5.5 - Despite conceding four goals, not all of Sevilla's defence had a terrible game as the Frenchman made a number of crucial interventions.

Navarro 4.5 - Iniesta may have moved in field on occasion to do his work, but he also caused his former team-mate to have a game he will want to forget.

Navas 5 - Cropped up in the first half when Sevilla still had confidence, but faded in the second period when the visitors rarely went forward with any conviction.

Maresca 5.5 - Worked tirelessly to keep track of Xavi in the midfield and even received a nasty blow to the head for his troubles from Keita.

Romaric 4.5 - Was employed to help protect the back four, but he was unable to do anything against the quick passing game that the hosts have almost perfected.

Capel 6 - Showed what he is capable of on occasion, but nowhere near enough to relieve the pressure on his team's beleaguered defence.

Fabiano 4 - Shouted when he did not receive the ball and then did nothing with it when he did and looked a long way from the star striker that he can be.

Kone 5 - Had a glorious chance to put his side into the game when he was picked out with a cross, but his header was heading nearer to the corner flag then the goal.


Kanoute 5 - Went on at the break and his first few touches looked promising, but he was unable to have any great effect even if he did put himself about a bit.

Konko 5 - Slotted in seamlessly in the sense that he did not alter Sevilla's style of play nor did anything to stop Barcelona from dominating.

Lucas Brown,