Xerez President Resigns After Shootout At Brothel - Report

The president and his driver were both arrested for their part in the incident...
The president of Xerez, Joaquin Bilbao, was arrested this morning for his part in a shootout in a brothel and has now resigned from his position.

Diario de Jerez reports that Bilbao and his driver were arrested in the early hours on Tuesday when the establishment was closed.

The shots were apparently fired from a car at the brothel, hitting the door of the building. The noise alerted neighbours who phoned the local police.

It is thought that the driver, who is said to be Bilbao's regular chaffeur, was the one who fired the shots, while Bilbao himself was also in the vehicle.

The pair were arrested by police following the incident but it is known that the president and the driver have both now been released from custody without charge and without bail.

Bilbao returned home after the incident, but emerged later to offer a brief resignatory statement at a press conference.

Marca quoted him as saying, "I took this decision (to step down) for the sake of the club's image. This club must be focused only on sports. This is a personal decision for me and my family.

"With this club, regarding the issues we face now, it's better that another person take charge. I remain a member of the club Council for now in order to help.

"I have a completely clear conscience. If I didn't, I wouldn't be speaking to the media now. This is best for the club and for my family."

No injuries have been reported in connection with the incident, and the motives for it are not yet known.

James Walker-Roberts, Goal.com