Johan Cruyff Defends Barcelona And Hits Out At Real Madrid

Barcelona are still the best team in Primera Division and continue to play for three trophies while Real Madrid have improved defensively to lift their chances in just one, according to Johan Cruyff.

Johan Cruyff has hit out at Real Madrid, stating that they only benefit from the mistakes of others and that they are not as strong as Barcelona.

The Dutch legend has also voiced his discontent at the Blaugrana’s form, however, he feels that the los Merengues' effective style of football is unbecoming of such a famous club.

Madrid have reduced the gap at the top of the Primera Division table to four points in recent weeks. Despite this, Cruyff has not been impressed with them and thinks that Barcelona are sill a better side.

"Of course, Madrid are doing well, but I always expect something more from them, not just to take advantage of the failure of others,” he told La Vanguardia. “But it has produced results and they are benefiting.

"Barca have dropped eight points to Madrid [in recent weeks] but nobody would want to swap places with los Blancos, even if Madrid have won ten consecutive matches.

"For me, Barca are the strongest team. There are details to be improved upon to avoid any more problems. Above all, they must continue to believe that they are the best and start winning again.

"On Wednesday it will be Barca playing in Mallorca for a place in the [Cope del Rey] final, not Madrid.

"In ten days, Barca will go into the second leg of their Champions League tie as favourites, not Madrid.

"If the Blaugrana qualify and los Merengues do not then I do not want to hear people complaining about the congested fixture list they have while others have it easy.

"After losing El Clasico in December, they never thought that they would have a chance of catching Barcelona.

"But numerically they have and football can be like that. They strengthened their defence but I doubt that there has been much to enjoy about their wins beyond the results."

Reflecting on Barcelona's reverse against Atletico de Madrid at the weekend, Cruyff thinks that the defence needs to sort itself out and does not believe that Victor Valdes is the only one to blame.

"It was a repeat of the same individual errors," he continued.

"If the forwards do not score goals and those at the back gift them to the opposition then it is virtually impossible to win.

"Up until now, scoring three goals assured victory. Therefore, it means that there are mistakes being made that were not there before."

Lucas Brown,