Croatian International's Floodlit Centre Circle Sex Show

Dino Drpic brings new definition to the term "scoring on the field" after having sex with his glamour model wife on the pitch of the Maksimir Stadium...

Dino Drpic's gambling problems have long been documented.

His former club Dinamo Zagreb even granted the 27-year old a loan in order to pay off his debts, but became infuriated when he was later found in casinos and poker rooms in Zagreb.

He has also been known to scuffle with his team-mates, and is not averse to the odd skirmish involving policemen.

Drpic's list of vices are not exclusive to gambling and violence, as it has recently been revealed that he had sex with his playboy model wife on the centre spot in the Maksimir Stadium; under floodlights no less.

The glamour model in question, Nives Celsius, is sure to get temperatures rising with her series of busty photo-shoots, and told of her sexy romp with Drpic on a Serbian chat-show that promoted her book: The Naked Truth.

"Dino had arranged that people should turn on the stadium lights for us and he finally fulfilled his dream of having sex in the middle of a football pitch. It was very naughty," she revealed.

Dinamo Zagreb initially placed the player - who plays in defence - on the transfer list, but have since released Drpic from their books.

Alan Dawson,