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Real Madrid went to the top of the table after a late flurry ensured them of a high-scoring win. watched the game and rates each player's performance.....


Casillas - 5.5:
Had little to do, but what he did have to do, he did well and kept another clean sheet.

Sergio Ramos - 7:
Went forward well in the second half and produced some crosses that could have caused Xerez more problems.

Garay - 6: Was able to stay in place and protect Casillas as he was not called upon to do very much of note.

Albiol - 6: Assured at the back against a team that were able to go forward but then produce very little as Maldonago was stranded.

Marcelo - 5: Out of position far too often and was only fortunate that Xerez could not cross, otherwise he would have been in trouble.

Lassana Diarra - 7: Industrious and busy throughout, the midfielder did what he always does well even though Xerez did go forward quite often.

Gago - 6: Gave the ball away too often and his vision and passing was way short of making him a replacement for Xabi Alonso.

Ronaldo - 8: Put Xerez on the back foot from the very start and that ensured that the hosts would take all the points with a second goal late on.

Kaka - 6.5: The Brazilian was creative, but nowhere near as much as he could have been, and linked up well in the first half with Ronaldo.

Raul - 6: A quiet performance from the club captain as he did not have any service of note, but could have scored in the first half on the rebound.

Benzema - 7: Managed to score which saw his mark go up because otherwise he contributed little in a very quiet display.


Granero - 6.5: Looked sharp and lively when he went on and maybe slightly put out that he did not start in place of Gago.

Guti - 7: Also added to Madrid's creativity and did well to break forward to score and made the goal for Van Nistelrooy.

Van Nistelrooy - 7.5: Came on too late to normally be given a rating despite scoring, but due to popular demand the Dutchman has been givn special dispensation.


Renan - 6:
The Brazilian will wonder how he let in five goals at the end having made so many saves to keep the scoreline down.

Francis - 6: Was able to keep Madrid out for long periods before joining his team-mates in running out of steam.

Aythami - 5.5: All of Xerez's defenders should not be downhearted as their collapse at the end came after such a brave display.

David Prieto - 5.5:
The collapse at the end will reflect badly on Xerez's defence, but until the 76th minute they had done so well.

Casado - 6: Held his own at full-back and prevented Madrid from being able to provide the forwards with anything down his flank.

Moreno - 6: Did well to intercept several passes and help Xerez to break up Madrid's play until the changes late on.

Bergantiños - 5.5: Worked hard to close down the Madrid midfield and ensured that they were unable to produce much fluidity.

Viqueira - 6: In the opening period the veteran clipped the bar with a free-kick and met a cross that could have caused Casillas more problems.

Calvo - 6.5: Constantly broke down the right wing and evaded Marcelo, but his crossing was not up to scratch or else Xerez could have had a goal.

Armenteros - 6: Had a decent first half and good at set pieces, the wide player managed to ensure that the hosts' defence had to focus.

Maldonado - 5.5: The Venezuelan forward worked tirelessly to try and cause the Madrid back four problems and kept them on their toes.


Momo - 5: Added little to the game and went on just before Madrid began to see things turn their way.

Antoñito n/a

Abel n/a

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