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The deal for the Wales international to join the Spanish club from Tottenham in 2013 will cost a total of €100,759,417, paid in four instalments and a single 'solidarity fee'

The transfer fee Real Madrid paid to Tottenham for Gareth Bale eclipsed €100 million, according to Football Leaks.

A document on Football Leaks' website, which has also revealed the full details of Anthony Martial's transfer from Monaco to Manchester United, claims that Bale's move to Madrid in 2013 cost the Spanish club a final total of €100,759,417 - with the fee made up of four instalments, plus a solidarity fee of €1,015,875.

Madrid had the option to pay €87,010,350 within 15 days of Bale's registration with them, but reports in Spain suggest that Madrid chose the option to settle the transfer with the instalments, with the first paid within ten days of the deal, and the final to be paid July 24, 2016.



Paragraph 15 within the contract also states that Madrid would tell the press that the transfer would cost €91,589,842 - while Tottenham would not be allowed to ever publicly reveal the full cost.