Basingstoke confirm Ronaldinho bid

The non-league side, who currently play in the Conference South, have revealed that they have sent an offer to the World Cup winner's agent in the hope of luring him to England
Basingstoke Town have confirmed that they want to sign Brazil legend Ronaldinho.

The 34-year-old is currently a free agent, having left Atletico Mineiro and has been sent an offer by the non-league outfit.

Simon Hood, the club’s marketing director, insists that, despite doubts, the club are not treating the offer as a publicity stunt, and genuinely hope that they can land the World Cup winner, even if it just for one game.

“We looked at the free transfer list last week and thought ‘wow, why not give it a go?' You never know, anything’s possible in football I suppose, especially in the luck we had with the stadium being named the Soccer AM Stadium earlier this year," he told Goal. "It is publicity as well of course, speaking from the marketing side, but we sent an offer to his agent.

"We haven’t heard anything back, obviously I don’t expect us to. But I imagine, even for one game, we would sell out the attendance and the shirts would sell out, it’d be huge commercially for the club.”

However, the obvious sticking point in any deal would be the star's wages, with Ronaldinho having earned millions playing for the likes of Barcelona and AC Milan, and Hood admits that Basingstoke would not look to break their wage structure to sign the 34-year-old – instead offering him a deal that reflects their current non-league standing.

“We’ve put an offer together and sent it over,” he added. “Speaking to our manager, the way our club works is that everyone is on the same kind of salary so we wouldn’t break records, we’d keep everyone on the same level.

“That’s the way we work as a club.  We wouldn’t increase it, we’re a non-league football club, we wouldn’t be able to afford it and for us to spend a large sum of money on one player, it wouldn’t be the right decision for the club.”