When does the summer transfer window close?

As the new league seasons get set to begin, many will also be looking to wrap up business before deadline day comes around at the beginning of September
Luis Suarez has left Liverpool for Barcelona, Chelsea have snapped up the likes of Diego Costa, Filipe Luis and Cesc Fabregas, and Real Madrid now boast Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez among their ranks.

Yet there could well be other big names on the move before the transfer windows across Europe slam shut, with deals able to be done even after the various domestic seasons get underway.

When the window closes
Mon 1 Sep - midnight CET
Mon 1 Sep - midnight CET
Mon 1 Sep - 23:00 CET
Mon 1 Sep - 18:00 CET
Mon 1 Sep - midnight CET
In England, the Premier League’s 20 clubs have until 11pm local time (00:00 CET) on the evening of Monday, September 1 before they must have their trading completed and registered with the national FA.

That means there could be transfers for the likes of Mateo Musacchio to Tottenham or William Carvalho to one of Arsenal, Manchester City or Manchester United even after the buying clubs have played three games of the new term.

It is a similar situation in Ligue 1, where the French transfer deadline – also at midnight CET on September 1 – comes four weeks into the campaign, meaning the likes of Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco could be making signings more than one-tenth of the way into their league season.

La Liga’s spending must be completed at exactly the same time as in France and England, but there will be only two matchdays before that time for Real Madrid, Barcelona and champions Atletico to size up their current squads after the big kick-off on August 23rd.

The same can be said of the Bundesliga, which begins on August 22, with the German deadline coming at 18:00CET on September 1, up to six hours ahead of other countries.

Meanwhile, the Italian transfer embargo begins at 23:00CET on the same evening, leaving Serie A clubs with just a two-day turnaround between the beginning of the league season and the end of the summer market.

Elsewhere, Portugal's closing bell is due to go off at 18:00CET, while those in Belgium, Russia and Netherlands will sound at midnight. All major second-tier leagues across Europe are bound by the same deadline as their corresponding top division.

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