Supermarket giant to sue over Neymar deal

Former third-party owner of the Brazilian superstar believes it deserves a larger chunk of the money Barcelona are paying to sign him from Santos
The supermarket giant that owned 40 per cent of Neymar's registration is threatening legal action over its share of the player's transfer to Barcelona.

DIS, a sports marketing company controlled by retailers Idi Sonda, claim it is entitled to more cash due to potential payments agreed in addition to the €57 million deal between Santos and the Spanish champions.

Executive Director Roberto Moreno has asked for full disclosure of the documents detailing Neymar's transfer to Barcelona as the company seeks clarification on future payments to Santos.

These are reported by Globo to include €2m if Neymar makes the top-three shortlist for the Ballon d’Or and revenues from two friendly matches that are set to be organised between the clubs, with Barca having to pay €4.5 million if the games do not take place.

“I’ve not been shown a single document, so I will go to Santos’ headquarters tomorrow,” Moreno told Bloomberg. “After that we will decide if we need to go to the courts.

“I’ve read lots of things in the media but seen no documentary evidence.”

ESPN Brasil reported on Thursday that the company is ready to issue lawsuits against Barcelona and Neymar over the transfer.

Moreno threatened legal action last month, warning the clubs that he would “wait one more week and then I will open a case in court to get access to the information".

DIS acquired the share of Neymar’s registration in 2009 for €2.6m. Under the existing deal, it is due €6.8m for their 40 per cent of the €17.1m received by Santos for Neymar.

An additional €40m was paid in commission by Barcelona to other parties, including Neymar's father.