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In, out, shake it all about as Balotelli's agent leads a merry dance over his future...

Mario Balotelli's agent Mino Raiola is trying to tempt fate with the Inter striker's future, claiming he would stay in Milan, only to add a €70 million bid from Real Madrid will see him whisked to Spain.

Balotelli has been the subject of speculation this week after he opened the door to Arsenal.

But it seems Raiola is going through an ever changing set of revolving doors.

"Mario will stay at Inter. We have not received offers from any team, and Inter have not said he is for sale, therefore he will stay where he is," he told Il Corriere dello Sport.

But, when prompted, the sound of money brought him to his feet.

"Is he worth €40 million? For me he is worth more than that," he added.

And, having kicked the idea of leaving into long grass previously, Raiola said the grass is always greener in Madrid.

"And who knows, by the end of the transfer market Jose Mourinho could ask Florentino Perez to invest €70 million in Mario.

"The market is open until August 30, and so anything can happen."

Time to go... Mario?

He also discussed the possibility of Manchester City, where Roberto Mancini still holds Balotelli close to his heart and mind.

"If they come forward we will speak, but they have to make the first steps by presenting an offer to Inter," he added.

Piersilvio Berlusconi said it would be wise for Milan to invest in Balotelli, who supports the rival club, but Raiola said the Rossoneri can't afford him.

"It's nice they have spoken well about Balotelli, but I don't think Milan are able to buy him, and Inter wouldn't sell him to them anyway."

Raiola is also in charge of Zlatan Ibrahimovic's affairs, and the Swedde has been linked with Milan.

"He will not leave Barcelona because he is doing well there. Milan? They missed out on the chance to buy him, and I don't think they will sign him from Barcelona," he added.

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