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The Moroccan midfielder is pleased with the move and has set a goal of scoring more goals next season.

Despite his stated desire to play in Spain’s Primera Division, Moroccan international playmaker Adel Taarabt has told that he is satisfied with his return to Queens Park Rangers where he will be on loan for one year and is looking to use the opportunity to take advantage of the extra playing time to improve as much as possible.

“I would’ve liked to play in Spain for both myself and the Moroccan public who would’ve been happy to see my play in La Liga, but I’m satisfied on all levels especially since the sporting challenge is up to my ambitions,” he explained in the interview.

Meanwhile, the player also expressed his desire to become more of a scorer in England’s second tier and that he has set himself an objective of 15 goals for this coming season.

“My aim for next season is to become more decisive in front of goal. I’ve played in a number of positions, I have good conduct and protection of the ball. I am decisive in the game with the ball, now I have to score more. I’ve fixed an objective of 15 goals for next season,” he affirmed.

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