Silvio Berlusconi Forces Ronaldinho To Stand On A Table & Make A Promise - Report

Berlusconi instructs, the Brazilian performs as the Italian chief lays down the law at Milanello...
Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has showed the squad who's boss after making Ronaldinho stand on a table and promise his allegiance to the club, according to La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

The drama unfolded at Milanello on Sunday just before the 2-0 friendly win over local side Varese. Berlusconi told 'Dinho to stand up on a table in front of everyone and make a promise.

"Promise that you will behave like a professional next season," the supremo told the number 80 as reported by Gazzetta.

The Brazilian obliged and it showed just minutes later on the pitch as he performed his magic tricks, setting up Filippo Inzaghi for one of the goals.

Berlusconi appears to have given Ronaldinho the responsibility of taking over from Kaka whose Real Madrid move has left a big hole in the team.

Leonardo is also expecting his man to make an effort this season as the Rossoneri aim for the Champions League after failing to qualify for it last year.

"Ronaldinho? He is working to save petrol for next season and he has to be consistent in order for us to evaluate his major talent. His destiny is in his own hands," Leonardo told Milan Channel.

Salvatore Landolina,