Platini Questions Milan's Beckham Loan; Wants World Cup In Europe

The UEFA president has a few issues with Mr Beckham's recent switch of clubs, and he'd also like FIFA to take what he feels would be the sensible option of awarding the 2018 World Cup to Europe.

As David Beckham's move from the MLS to Serie A on a more long-term basis begins to look more definite, UEFA president Michel Platini has announced that he will be examining the original loan move from LA Galaxy very carefully, as he feels that there is a question of ethics at stake.

Platini will be examining the workings of the loan system, as he seems to feel that a plethora of such short-team deals could leave football resembling a mercenary circus rather than an international sport.

"My problem is not Beckham, it's Milan buying a player for three months," news agency Canadian Press report the UEFA chief as saying.

 "Why then could they not buy a player for one game, for the final?

"You buy five players for the final. We have to look at it."

Platini also wants to see the 2018 World Cup Finals allocated to a European country, and will be lobbying FIFA in order to ensure that this happens, as he believes that every third tournament should be awarded to Europe.

"If FIFA decides that it is in Europe it is not a problem, because then everyone will vote for a European bid, but we have to know the rules of FIFA first," Platini is reported as saying by The Press Association.

Platini would like FIFA to limit bids for the competition to European teams, which would mean that England and Russia would fight it out with the two joint bids from Spain/Portugal and Holland/Belgium.

Should this prove unacceptable to FIFA, then the Frenchman apparently may try to hold some sort of preliminary contest within Europe so that the candidates will not split their vote between the 24 members of the FIFA panel who will decide the destination of the competition in December next year.

"My job is to convince FIFA that 2018 should be in Europe because we have to come back to Europe every third time," he added.

"If we get that then the four will fight for it.

"If there is no European decision perhaps we can find another decision or tactic with the UEFA executive committee."

Zack Wilson,