Capello: Put rubbish youth coaches in jail

The current Russia boss has hit out at trainers who focus heavily on teaching tactics to young players, rather than nurturing existing skill and talent
Former Real Madrid and Juventus boss Fabio Capello has suggested that rubbish youth coaches should be thrown in prison for their crimes against football.

The coach recently embarked on a poor World Cup campaign with Russia but held on to his job despite a group stage exit, which mirrored that of his Italian compatriots who were knocked out after defeats to Costa Rica and Uruguay.

Capello is furious that younger players in his homeland are being taught tactics, rather than nurturing talent, and suggested that the lack of substantial financial reward for youth coaches is hindering Italian youngsters.

"Youth teams should be a great breeding ground for players and to do this you have to teach more technical than tactical," he told

"Because the speed at which the game is played today it requires impeccable technique. This was clearly shown at the World Cup.

"Sometimes I see coaches in children of 10 or 11 years old being taught tactics. I think these coaches should be put in jail, because you have to teach the children to improve their technique.

"But since it is much easier teach tactics... That's the real problem of the youth. I would say that it is essential to focus on youth coaches who have passion and pay the good ones well for what they produce.

"If they are not paid in the right way then they will seek other avenues, because in this sector usually do not pay much. I speak from personal experience, because I did six years of coaching the youth at Milan.

"Too many times we prefer the physical side of the game, not the technical one, we look for the speed and technical intelligence (aka tactics). Obviously these choices have not been successful."