Mazzarri and Benitez are very different, says Sacchi

The former Milan coach is puzzled by Napoli’s latest recruit, insisting there will be "no continuity" in the transition between the two trainers
Arrigo Sacchi says the different styles employed by Rafa Benitez and Walter Mazzarri will not make for a smooth transition at Napoli.

Club president Aurelio De Laurentiis announced the signing of Rafa Benitez as Walter Mazzarri’s successor via Twitter on Monday.

“There are coaches who practice constructive football and those who choose other paths,” Sacchi told Radio Kiss Kiss.

“There is no continuity because Mazzarri practiced a very different kind of football compared to that Benitez plays.

“Often coaches arrived to find a situation like that of the 'Tower of Babel'.

"De Laurentiis has chosen a different route with Benitez, who at an international level has certainly done more.”

The 67-year-old also feels Benitez should not be judged strictly off wins and losses.

“Will he be more successful? Winning is an adjective that I never use. [Sven-Goran] Eriksson and [Carlo] Ancelotti are labelled as losers, but then look at their careers and you’ll realise they have won everything," he added.

“If you win, the merits are not always all yours. The project engineer must be at the centre. This usually does not happen because he must also govern business.

“You have to find groups of players who are not so different from one another. Then this simplifies the situation when working.”

He added his thoughts on what Benitez will require to succeed.

“Benitez is a serious professional, if he is placed in the ideal conditions then he can give you a style of play and you can achieve certain goals," he continued.

“The game and the motivation will count, but the result will only come if you have both elements, otherwise it is like having gasoline and a car, but no motor. The engine is the game.”