Maradona: I'd like to coach Napoli one day

The former Argentina trainer feels young coaches, such as himself, are being kept out of the big jobs because of their apparent lack of experience
Diego Maradona has revealed he would like to coach former club Napoli in the future, though bemoaned the lack of opportunities for young bosses.

The Argentina legend has been linked with a coaching role at Montpellier, but he feels that people with more experience get the monopoly on the top jobs.

"There's a possibility of me managing Napoli, but there are those lying coaches who come along and say they're going to retire to spend time with their families, and when a big club comes up, they take it," he told Marca.

"Let the youngsters have a go, for Christ's sake! It's a closed loop and there's no way in for the new guys.

"And there are some very capable youngsters, but these old guys, who say they're going to retire and then come back, they won't let us in."

The 52-year-old has also been the subject of reports linking him to Boca Juniors, and he admitted that is also a possibility.

He continued: "That's clearer for me than coaching Napoli. Sometimes I see managers who make changes that benefit the opposing team, and then I look in the mirror and say to myself: 'How can I not be coaching?'"

The ex-Argentina trainer was last in work at United Arab Emirates side Al Wasl but was unceremoniously dismissed from his position, but he claims he was treated unfairly in the Middle East.

He added: "The one who got rid of me there wasn't the Sheikh, but the Sheikh's cousin or something like that. I don't know who he is.

"Now the team is a mess, unfortunately. The guy who forced me out thinks he knows more about football than me. He was competing with me without ever having kicked a ball in his life.

"And also, he got rid of me via a social network. He was very disrespectful towards me. Obviously he hates me or I must have stepped on his toes, because I don't even know him.

"They're doing everything backwards at Al Wasl now. I earned people's respect in Dubai by myself. Nobody gave me anything."