Buffon hits back at Juventus critics

The Italian goalkeeper believes other clubs use the Bianconeri to deflect from their own failings after claims of favouritism from match officials

Gianluigi Buffon has hit back at suggestions that referees favour Juventus.

The 34-year-old believes other clubs use the excuse as a “shield and an alibi” for their own shortcomings and launched a fierce defence of his side.

“I don’t like this controversy and it brings out this total inconsistency in the treatment of errors for and against Juventus,” Buffon told RAI.

“This season the only really big mistakes I saw in our favour were against Catania.

“At times there is an exaggerated pandemonium around these matters. Juventus are used as a shield and an alibi by those who never win.”

The Juve captain also revealed his belief that the race for the Serie A title will be a tough one and says he expects a long tussle ahead.

“This is a season where we’re going to be in a battle, even if we are the favourites because we have reinforced and started well," he added.

“This doesn’t mean our victory is to be expected, as that would be a terrible thought to allow. That’s just inviting surprises.”