Zeman: Barcelona never change and neither will we

The 65-year-old head coach says that he will not change his tactics after some recent disappointing results because that is the philosophy that the Spanish giants follow
Zdenek Zeman has rejected suggestions that he should change his tactics because of some poor results and he believes that his Roma side will eventually find success.

The Giallorossi were winning their last two Serie A games against Udinese and Parma but were then eventually beaten in both games, but their coach has played down the losses.

"We have done well this season, but can do better. We gave away two games and were only just beaten in Turin. We certainly did not lose matches because we attacked," Zeman told a press conference.

“If you encounter a superior opponent, you take your hat off to them. I hope the team plays well tomorrow, but apart from Juventus we were always superior to our opponents and unfortunately paid for mistakes.”

The 65-year-old made it clear that nobody will make him change his tactics and believes that his approach will eventually bring success to the club.

“The club has never suggested I change tactics. I get along well with the directors and we have the same objectives.

“Barcelona never change their attitude and I am trying to build a great squad.”