Abate slams 'dubious' penalty decision

The wing-back feels the referee made the wrong decision to punish him for his accidental handball, and urged his team-mates to remain focused
AC Milan defender Ignazio Abate has questioned referee Nicola Rizzoli's decision to award Palermo a penalty in Tuesday's 2-2 draw.

Rizzoli pointed to the spot in the dying seconds of the first-half, after Abate accidentally touched the ball with his hand inside the area, and the Italy international feels the official's decision was a harsh one.

"The penalty was dubious," Abate was quoted as saying on the club's official website.

"It indeed hit my hand, but there was no movement of my arm towards the ball. I think it was a bit generous."

The decision comes just a matter of days after Rizzoli caused controversy after disallowing a Catania goal in their defeat to Juventus on Sunday.

But, the wing-back was quick to move on from the incident and stressed the Rossoneri must keep on working hard and take things one game at a time as they look to resurrect their season.

"We’re all on the same page and we have to keep on going like this. We must focus on the match against Chievo now."

Milan currently sit ninth in the Serie A table, with 11 points from 10 games.