Moratti: It is hard to negatively judge Italian sporting justice

The Inter chief disagrees with Juventus president Andrea Agnelli that the system needs rigorous changes and doesn't work properly
Inter president Massimo Moratti believes there is no need to reform Italian sporting justice as he believes the system works fine as it is.

Juventus supremo Andrea Agnelli stated earlier this month that the system needs rigorous changes after Antonio Conte's suspension (for failing to report two instances of match fixing during his spell in charge of Siena) was only reduced from 10 to four months rather than overturned all together.

Nevertheless, Agnelli's Inter counterpart sees no reason to change the way the system works.

"I think it’s hard to negatively judge sporting justice. I believe that sporting justice works an overwhelming amount of the time," Moratti told Rai Uno.

"The situation with Conte? Let’s not stir up controversy, because there’s always someone who believes he’s right.

"Every day, unfortunately, we read things that show us that these people must face, and have faced, very serious problems."