Italian police reveals anti-corruption initiatives

There have been a string of scandals in Serie A of late, but plans to rid the game of betting are in place to help end the problem once and for all

Rome’s chief of police Antonio Manganelli has revealed plans are afoot to ban betting on the outcome of football matches in Italy.

Serie A has been wracked with betting scandals in recent years with high-profile names such as Juventus coach Antonio Conte and Lazio midfielder Stefano Mauri both facing allegations of match-fixing in recent months.

However, as part of the on-going investigations into Scommessopoli, Manganelli has explained the tactics to try and rid the game of corruption.

“There are [to be] no bets on the final result since this would envisage the involvement of too many team members, or even both teams," he told reporters.

“People now bet on everything, including the first team to allow the ball to leave the pitch, the first to play a corner, the first to play a header.

“These are events that have nothing to do with the outcome of the match but provide opportunities for making a great deal of money.”

Conte recently had his 10-month ban for his part in the affair reduced to four months.