Zeman: Modern football is business rather than sport

The 65-year-old has spoken out against the modern game, and feels the focus is too much on results rather than playing well
Roma coach Zdenek Zeman has voiced his dismay with the way football has developed in recent years.

The controversial trainer feels that the game is no longer about playing sport, but is being dominated by politics and the urge to make money instead.

"Football has become primarily business and politics these days and much less sport. Business uses different rules, though," stated Zeman to Kicker.

"Modern football is based around a 'use and throw-away' mentality, which is a heavy burden on the coaches and players."

Zeman then went on to stress that results are not an indication of a team's performance as he feels it's more about the way a team plays.

"Most of my colleagues are only looking at the result of a game. Getting a draw could save someone's job. Focus is therefore moving away from the essential thing; the quality of play."

Roma currently sit sixth in Serie A with eight points from five games.