Vucinic: I would jeer Zeman if I were a Juventus fan

The Montenegro international has admitted that he too wouldn't be happy with the Roma trainer if he were a supporter, but still has a lot of respect for his former boss
Juventus attacker Mirko Vucinic has revealed that he understands the fans' anger at Roma coach Zdenek Zeman, but insisted that he still thinks positively of the flamboyant trainer.

Zeman upset the Bianconeri faithful with his doping accusations made against the Old Lady in the 90s, before further angering the club's fans again recently with his comments that Antonio Conte should not be allowed to train Juventus during his one-year ban.

"I would jeer Zeman as well if I were a Juventus fan," Vucinic stated in an interview with La Stampa.

"However, I am a player and I will shake his hand. I owe him a lot. I have a very positive memory of Zeman. I scored 19 league goals under him.

"He taught me a lot when he was my coach, but he's not the only coach who has helped me. I have grown a lot over the years."

Vucinic also worked under Zeman at Lecce in 2004-05.