'Players are motivated by fame and money' - Roma coach Zeman slams modern attitudes

The 65-year-old has hit out at the way some players behave both on and off the pitch, claiming that the financial rewards of the game are turning football into an individual sport
Roma coach Zdenek Zeman has taken a swipe at the behaviour of modern footballers, slamming their financial motives and contracts which endorse unsportsmanlike behaviour.

The experienced manager took over the reigns at the Stadio Olimpico this summer and stated his belief that the lucrative contracts given to many top players is harming the image of the game.

"Football is simplicity? It should be," Zeman told Sette.

"But many players complicate life. Football is becoming more and more of an individual sport. Players score more goals, become more famous, and earn more money."

"The character really does not matter. We need to learn to respect our opponents and the referees."

He went on to criticise the clauses often included in modern contracts, claiming they encourage actions on the field geared towards activating certain bonuses.

"There are players who receive bonuses depending on how many penalties they win," he revealed.

"These contracts push players to simulate falls in the area, do they not?"

Roma face Bologna on Sunday, as they look to build on their impressive victory over Inter in their last Serie A outing.

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